{Hello August}

Y'all. I am so excited about August for some reason.

I mean, yeah, it's still going to be 110° by 8 am, and probably rain every day, and there isn't a single holiday worth mentioning {except Cupcake Day on the 18th, what's up!!}.

But I'm taking this month on as a fresh start. The last two months were spent in a tiny, weird rent house living out of boxes without anything even resembling a routine. I couldn't cook or unpack or nest {but am still thankful for the fact that it put a roof over my head and only cost me about $220 a month}.

But no more. I now live in my precious townhouse and am in the process of unpacking and settling in. And even though there's bags and boxes everywhere, it feels more like home than anywhere I've lived since I left my parents house. So I'm crazy excited about breaking in our sweet kitchen tonight with some Baked Chicken Parmesan and a glass of wine {or two}.

So. Goals for this month and the months hence:
  • Get off my butt and get my heart rate up at least 3 days a week. Doesn't matter what. Just sweat.
  • Cook at least 3 days a week. This eating out of a box stuff has got to stop.
  • Eat left overs for lunch as often as possible, rather than buying lunch.
  • Get my hands on & watch at least 3 of the movies from the movie list per month.

That's about it. Nothing drastic, just getting back into some much needed routines. Is it weird that I'm this excited about grocery shopping and cooking and doing laundry and sweeping? Probably. I also decided this morning to put a Crock Pot on my Christmas list this year. Does it get anymore grown up than that? I think not.

Happy August, y'all!

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Carmen D said...

I love the idea of monthly goals! I hope August is a great month for you!