this [extended] weekend we...

Became a new blog? Kind of. 

Oh snap. Things are looking way different around here, eh? I've been kicking around the idea of making the jump to a lifestyle blog for a while. It was time. I think the days of passionate public writing might be behind me. Life is relatively simple, and I like it that way. Not to say that there won't be times where this place will turn back into Fearless. But for now, this is how I like it. 

So, this weekend...

>>made an impromptu trip to my hometown to spend the 4th with my parents and their friends. pool, drinks, & sun. we were in bed by 8. glory.

>>friday night date night to the tattoo parlor. we know, we're hellians. 

>>spent our Saturday night rocking my favorite sweet girl for hours. even managed to squeeze a smile out of her.

>>rainy sundays are for Harry Potter marathons, naps, & blog roll catch-ups [heyyy nat the fat rat]

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Chelsea said...

Aw Mazie made the blogosphere! She loves her some Bay and Uncle J. :)